“…And then I’d eat THEM.”


The true backstory behind this video might be hard to accept for the casual Brooke fan. (You can read her interview here where she explains more.) Personally, I like weird videos, but you can include me group who struggle to wrap their head around what’s going on here. Because what you’re seeing in this video is not a one time thing Brooke did for a stunt; raw beef is actually her snack of choice.

One evening during a spring break shoot in Florida, we fired up the outdoor grill to cook burgers for dinner. On approach, I saw Brooke sneaking little nibbles from the uncooked burgers like it was a plate of cookies. I shouted, “Whoa-whoa-WHOA!” and made sure she knew they were still raw (hoping somehow this could have been a misunderstanding.) That’s when she first explained her raw meat fetish to us, and I realized I had to document it. I still don’t understand how she’s survived this long without a trip to the doctor!


We cobbled together about 30 seconds of this as a highlight reel for Break.com years ago, back when that site was the big source of traffic for Brooke. But of course the majority of the footage was too risque for Youtube, and far too weird for her site. Overall, just… nope. So this never saw the light of day, and was forgotten.

But recently, the raw meat pictures were posted on her site as sort of a “wtf” throwback update. And for some reason the Reddit community was amused, and a cross-post of a few sample pics from the gallery broke out of r/nsfw into the front page of r/all with 3500 upvotes.