Finding Charlie Nixon


Charlie Nixon started as a tease model for Party All Star, but after a few photoshoots, it was clear she wanted to expand her limits. Each shoot with her progressed to naughtier posing, and we kicked around the idea of launching a solo site for her. The website didn’t work out for various reasons, (mainly because she lives across the country from me), and Bailey Knox quickly became the focus of my attention instead.

A few weeks ago, my newest external drive started to fail on me – stalling, making clicking sounds, refusing to copy or save – all around terrible news for someone with 2TB worth of files on it.  This got me thinking about backing up old content again, so I bought an array of new drives and started sorting and copying.  It’s tedious work, but there’s a silver lining; it’s given me the opportunity to reorganize everything into a better library. In doing so, I’ve found hidden gems for almost site!

There was a LOT of long lost content for Party All Star, spread across 4 separate drives. It wasn’t intentionally ignored; I’m just so excited when we shoot someone new, and less active models get dropped on my priority list. Imagine my surprise when I found a fully edited, 140 image set of Charlie! Immediately I realized I must’ve edited this for her site that never came to be, and wow, what a naughty comeback!


Party All Star members have seen Charlie topless and bouncing in a zipset and inside our member’s area, but never so exposed! She’s clearly in a sexy mood, and ready to tease the viewer. She bends over enough to reveal a glimpse of her previously unrecorded starfish. Definitely something to check out if you’re into busty redheads!

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