It’s good to get back to these Kari Sweets remasters again.

I played through the original release and counted 19 cuts, many of them in quick succession. That kind of editing always makes me suspect slips, so I got excited. The original recording is 10:57 seconds long straight off the tape, and out of all that material, the first version of the video was trimmed down to just over four minutes.


These “hq vids” (as they were called by Felix) are my favorite videos to remaster, since they are (at least an early version of) HD at the source file rather than SD. The original release of “Green Mesh Shower” was a 60MB wmv, 640×480. This UC version is a 1280×720 .mp4. It looks pretty good at full screen now.

The raw video starts with Kari already bent over and wiggling her butt. It seems abrupt since this was self-shot, but I’m guessing these old mini-DV cameras took a couple seconds to kick on after the button was pressed.

Sound-wise, this is another video with no talking, and just the ambient music Kari picked to dance to.

The green bottoms in this video are a mesh material and see-through. We can see Kari’s landing strip through the panties, and especially clearly now with this high-resolution video size. I still remember how that landing strip/hairy phase for Kari was kind of a big deal when it started happening. When you see the landing strip, it feels like you’re seeing something you shouldn’t, even if it is technically the same areas that we normally see when waxed.  As a side note, this landing strip phase from Kari became the inspiration for the “Shaving the Kitty” zipsets from Brooke Marks and Bailey Knox, who weren’t to happy about growing them out.


If you’re one of the fans who is sniping for the rare moments of nudity and partial-nudity discoveries only, this isn’t a must-have. But if you’re a Kari collector, an ass-guy, or just a fan of the non-nude genre, it’s still a nice video to add to the Ultimate Collection in HD, with wet booty popping, sheer bottoms, and Kari being as cute as always.

As usual, Kari has a really good sense of where her nipples are under her fingers, plus they are small and light in color. So we only get a lot of close calls on slips here, or faint slips that never quite have a full money shot where you know for sure what you just saw.

At the very end of the video after the title card, I went back to a couple of the good moments and tried a couple things with exposure and color curves to see if we could x-ray the wet bottoms and the camel toe moments. It boosted the visibility a little bit.