“I Just Ended That In The Sexiest Way Possible…”


Ever since a few outtakes of the aborted “Booty-tastic Binghole Bonanza” zipset made their way into Brooke Marks’ World Cup zipset, a subset of booty fans have been clamoring for a real “booty zipset” to be made. This isn’t that, but there ARE some amazing shots of Brooke popping her booty right at the camera over and over.

In a sunlit bedroom, Brooke does a sensual afternoon striptease, working her way out of her white lingerie and making lots of little mistakes as she tries to keep a hold of her goods. As the video comes to an end, Brooke gets out of frame by sliding into the crevice between the mattress and wall, and dropping out of sight under the bed. The nude Brooke says off camera, “I just ended that video in the sexiest way possible.” Will fans agree?