Pachanga, eh?  Every now and then, the title of a Kari Sweets set sends me to Google to learn what a Hispanic word means.  Pachanga means “party”, and it’s also a genre of Cuban music.  Huh!


Kari’s party-panties have sheer vents in the back and front.   When she bends over and shows her butt, you can see pachanga-hole.  And when she slides the panties around in front or runs her fingers underneath, you see that there’s nothing opaque in-between.

The original .wmv version of “Pachanga” was 5:11 long, 640×480 in dimension, and 75MB in size.  The remastered version brings the run-time to 8:41, 1080×720 for the dimensions, and a healthy 409MB for the filesize.

Kari knows the panties she’s wearing are sheer, and at one moment after giving herself a front wedgie with them asks, “Can you see it?” The cameraman was a little more modest with his framing than most people would be if they had the chance, and this video is no exception.  A lot of times it leaves a viewer wanting to yell at the screen “PAN DOWN!!!”  But that’s probably the reason Kari and Felix worked so well together for so long.  The remasters of their site content is always limited by the kind of tease they had in mind.

As we’ve seen a few times before, this filming ends when Kari gets bored.  Right as she’s teasing her top off, she abruptly wraps up the shoot and walks off the set. The Princess was always in control!


If you watch the original video, you see that it cuts right at the “peekaboo” moments with the panties.   The times when Kari teased the elastic forward and let the camera look down the front of the underwear, all of a sudden the original video jumped forward to something else.  These racier moments are included in the Ultimate Collection version uncensored.  In fact, all the cuts on this version remained as limited as possible, only jumping forward when their camera stopped and started, when the camera jostled toward the ceiling and stayed pointed at nothing for too long, and also two moments where “voluptuous-phase”  Kari was looking below at her outfit and her chin was digging in in a way that wasn’t worth memorializing.

Below are some screencaps from “PACHANGA” – THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION REMASTER: