Part of what makes Kari such an effective tease is the way she gives off that vibe of being very sexual under the surface. You know she’s a bad chick.

This video is a perfect demonstration of that. She’s lip-synching to make-out music, running her hand over her privates, opening her legs, smashing her tits together, licking her lips, gyrating her hips…

You catch yourself thinking, is she going to do it this time? How naughty is this going to get? And then the football always pulls away.


To remaster this, I made a few changes where I flipped the camera feed 180 degrees to give the best view. I was also happy to find there was a missing beginning we never saw before.


In the extra seconds, she opens her legs facing the mirror, then runs her hand up and rifles her underwear a bit, revealing a little corner of her fuzzy crotch.


There is also a slight nipple slip during her boobplay that is much more noticeable now in the full-resolution .mp4

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