I found a previously unseen video. And it’s an interesting one.

First, let me explain some of the new content curation that’s been going on. When I took possession of the “Vault” drive of Kari content, the files were organized by the cameras used on each shoot, and then within those folders the card dumps, or capture sessions. This made finding specific raw materials a bit like a needle in a haystack. To make filling requests easier, I’ve since organized them by set name (as best as I can), although not everything is identified yet.

As requests came in for videos that I couldn’t locate any files for, I realized there was still quite a bit of video that hasn’t been captured onto the vault drive yet. So that sent me into the safe, hunting through the source tapes to fill in the gaps. All of which are not labeled with anything except “KS”. As Felix put it when he provided the tapes, “It’s going to be like mining for gold.”

A partial view of the Ultimate Collection video capture thunderdome, featuring the very finest in outdated technology from Canon, Inc.
A partial view of the Ultimate Collection video capture thunderdome, featuring the very finest in outdated technology from Canon, Inc.

This past week, I ripped a batch of twenty 60 minute tapes, and found a gold nugget, just like Felix predicted I might. As I labeled the original release names on the capture files, I realized I’d just discovered some raw footage that didn’t line up with anything ever released on the site.

The photo set for this outfit was called “Natural Beauty,” but there wasn’t a video for this.

This was shot in the park on the same day as “Park Faucet”, the set where Kari soaked herself at the water fountain. In fact, at the end of this clip, Kari has changed into that pink outfit.

In this previously unseen video, Kari steps into her pop-up changing tent and then starts to get naked inside it. Felix jokes about climbing the tree to look inside. Once Kari’s nude, Felix suggests that she press up against the thin tent fabric. She does.

Since wasn’t released before, it’s technically not a remaster. But I applied the same render setting to this as I’ve been using on the Ultimate Collection remasters to try and get the best image I could. The runtime on this video is 5:11, and the dimensions are 1080 by 720.



As soon as Kari presses against the tent, I knew this section was going to get “x-rayed” by fans – meaning people would screencap it and then ask people to mess with the RGB curves, contrast, and saturation in Photoshop to try to see through the material even more. Knowing that was inevitable, I did my best to save you the trouble. After the moment plays through in regular video, I do two passes using filters that give an “enhanced view.”