For collecting purposes, there’s a little confusion about the name of this gallery and video, because there were three different titles in the mix. I’m going to call this “Bringing Sexy Back”, and if you’re confused, just know the old video was called “Black and White”.  I’m going to unify the titles, like in boxing.

I’m not a foot fetish guy, so a lot of that feet stuff is lost on me. But here’s a nice detail for you guys. Kari cracks her toes in some of the new footage of this video, and it’s THUNDEROUSLY loud. Hell yeah. It’s the most satisfying thing in the video.

Just kidding.

As usual, we’re upgrading quite a bit here on technical details; the original video was 4:43 and 67 MB. This Ultimate Collection version pads the runtime to 9:21, and the file size is 447MB. Ya-da-da, this is the 19th remaster and you all probably get the picture by now.



This video has a long building tease, and then a payoff. I was sitting there quietly wondering what I was going to write about the video, and then all of a sudden something happened where I said “WHOA” out loud. There is one of the great Ultimate Collection moments so far.

In addition to that, there’s all kinds of little stuff that was cut out before, like backlit panties that are pretty see through, and another great view of Kari’s ass. If it hadn’t been shot in a dimly lit room I’d be over the moon about the whole thing, but it’s still pretty solid stuff. Her ass in phenomenal no matter how you look at it.