What is a papasan, anyway? I had to look it up. It’s the chair.

I thought it was Japanese for dad.
I thought it was Japanese for dad.

Much like the “Pink Button Up”, this is another video that’s best described as a tour of Kari’s body, or a run-through of the photo positions. The cameraman prompts Kari to move from pose to pose, and so many of the edits seen in the first release were cross-faded cuts to remove talking. Amusingly, in the raw footage you see that she only takes the directions less than half the time anyway, sometimes pretending she doesn’t hear, or just chuckling instead as if to say, “nah”. And thus, Kari demonstrates that she is a bad bitch who does what she wants on papasans.

There’s quite a bit of coaching and sightseeing in the raw footage that I’m guessing wouldn’t be wanted. I used filters on the audio to take out the cameraman’s voice while leaving in Kari’s laughs or reactions, and dropped the radio playing in the background to a distant sound system. That resulting filtered audio is a little janky in spots and I apologize, but it was the best I could do to include everything while keeping the focus where it should be on screen.

Also, the majority of the original release, from 1:35-4:45 mark, used a slow motion effect that I won’t duplicate in this cut. Unless footage was shot at 60fps or more, dropping the frame rate creates a stutter. This was shot at 29.97fps, so I’ve left it full speed.

In the original release, there are a tantalizing cuts during the segments where Kari is sliding her panties around, or while she was using angles to block a view. For that reason I can see why this video was requested. There were a lot of early shoots where Kari never even took her bottoms off, so this is automatically destined to be one if the racier videos no matter what.

And boy, there are some “wow” moments here. Kari laying back in the chair with her panties down at her thighs is killer.

Again, there is lots of fan service to the Foot Clan in this video. Even still, these Kari foot fans lurk in the shadows, not requesting anything yet. Do they still exist?




Kari-Sweets-Papasan-Fun-Ultimate-Collection-Video-PreviewIf you’ve seen the first redacted video, the inclusions here are a dream come true. With posing like this, you’re bound to get a handful of major slips, and here you get the entire shoot from start to finish.